Monday, April 2, 07

All set and Ready to Rock. Drama Player BETA 2.0 is undergoing finishing touches and will soon be available for download. The new version has the exciting new "Pause" feature which enables you to pause dramas! Why is Pausing a drama such a big deal?: mentioned already, Drama is not like a Movie. It is a written set of commands that instruct the DE. While Playing, the DE is given the commands for processing, which in turn, commands the agent server to process our request (i.e. say dialogue or do action). The DE and AgSv (Agent Server) transfer data between each other and thus, play the Drama. Pausing the drama is pausing this transfer. Critical values which, while playing, flowed freely have to be stored and returned while "Resuming" the Drama. If any value is not stored or not returned correctly, the whole Pause and Resume features would fail and the Drama will not play as expected. Thus, this "Pause" feature is considered an achievement by us.

DramaPlayer BETA 2

The status teller is more accurate than ever before. The "Settings" feature will be accessible in the final release which could be expected before the end of this month. Drama Player might set the foundations for a new version of Drama Creator.

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