Sunday, April 29, 07

Hello! We are back after a long time. Drama Player which was scheduled to be launched by the end of this month, will not be able to make it. It might take the first or even the second week of May for it to hit this site for download. What is taking it so long?: One of the intriguing aspects of Drama Player 1.0 will be its "DC 2.0 ready!" property. Drama Creator 1.5 will be upgraded to 2.0 this summer and the new version promises to include GestureAt properties, TTS switching, Seeking capabilities and Multi-Lingual interface. "DC 2.0 ready!" property will make sure that DP 1.0 is able to play dramas made in DC 2.0. And that the user doesn't have to download a newer version of it.

DramaPlayer BETA 2

Drama Player and Drama Player BETA 2.0 don't have much difference as far as the general working and interface are concerned. However, Drama Player's Settings feature is a massive addition and goes beyond simply providing the user with changable variables. Further information will be disclosed when it is released - 2 weeks from now.

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