Friday, December 21, 2007

We finally managed to resume work on DC 2.0. We revised and recreated the PropertyPoint feature as we just recently realized a major flaw in the original design. But anyway its all set and we have introduced a brand new feature that will finally merge Wizard and Classic style dramas. One drawback of Wizard style dramas was that they couldn't be made to animate two characters simultaneously. However, a new feature called "Major Role" addresses that issue.

Basically, the user gets to mark a role as either "Major" or not. When a character performs a "Major Role", all other characters wait for him to finish it so that they can start their's. If the role is not "Major" then all other characters perform their own roles without waiting and, thus, the characters perform actions simultaneously. The below screenshots show "Major Role" property in action.

Major Role Checkbox

Major Roles

Notice the "|" in some of the roles. This symbol indicates that the role is "Major"

Characters performing actions simultaneously

The above screenshot shows all the characters performing actions simultaneously

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