Thursday, Feb 15, 07

A very good and fresh news for DRAMA Series fans: The Professional Drama Creator has been upgraded to version 1.5. The new version boasts of a stunning new feature which is completely new, the "THOUGHT" feature. As the name suggests, with this feature you can make your characters think. Now you can make even more exciting Dramas.

The thought feature

A lot of testing was done before releasing this version as AzTech wanted v1.5 to be perfect. Unlike its predecers, version 1.5 is a massive improvement that has got even undiscovered bugs fixed. One of the bugs was hiding in the Import Section. It was fixed and tested 100% fit. Also, the DE in this version was a little bit modified to handle Looping Animations more intelligently. Even after testing it nearly 32 times, both in Classic and Wizard modes, AzTech is still not sure weather more bugs will pop out in the future. However, the software seems to be running smoothly with no problems.

AzTech has already started to work on adding more features for future releases of the unique program. Some of them include the "READ" feature which would make a character extract text from a document and read it.

AzTech has one more good news for DRAMA series fans: DRAMA Player will be released. The DE error was fixed in v1.5 and this means that the solution has been found to the DE problem in Drama Player. AzTech has begun working on it. However its release date is very unsure since the development of the program was halted a few weeks ago. "When the development stopped drama player, was at its very early stage and to continue its development will take a few more weeks; even months." Whatever be the release date, DRAMA Player will be released surely.

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