Friday, Feb 23, 07

Two weeks after declaring about the development of Drama Player, AzTech has come up with Drama Player Beta which is to undergoe some further developments. The program is still in its very early stage. The Loop error has been fixed and the program is almost ready for Classic Style Dramas. However, Wizard style dramas are not being handled properly by it. Loop animations are creating problems once again. The problems will be taken care of and as AzTech promised long ago, the Beta version will be released soon. The program includes features like giving information about the status of the drama, characters involved, name of drama and progress. It can also play Dramas made in v1.0 of Professional Drama Creator but with loss in some details of the Drama such as initial character position.

screenshot of dramaplayer

The final version of Drama Player will include some more features such as "TTS switcher". TTS swithcer will allow the end-user to change the text-to-speech engine of the characters. What is the use of this?: Some aspects of the character's speech depend on the TTS engine being used. Changing TTS engine might improve quality of some dramas. for e.g. the default engine supports only "american" accent but the user can switch it to listen in "british" accent. Further information will be provided as Drama Player will be released.

The Beta might be released on tenth of March.

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