Wednesday, March 7, 07

Drama Player's BETA Release has been one of the most awaited releases. With this DRAMA series' release Drama Publishers don't have to worry anymore about presenting their Dramas to the public. Drama Player BETA 1.0 features progress display and Status display. It also displays information about drama such as name, actors and characters. The most difficult task accomplished was to unload the characters after the drama ends. So don't worry about the presence of characters in your desktop anymore. All you have to do is just click the "play" button and enjoy the Drama.

Why is this BETA?: This is BETA because, before release the program was encountering a bug while playing "loop" animations (loop animations are those animations which end with "ing" for e.g. "Reading", "Writing", "Thinking" etc.) in Classic Style Dramas. The bug was fixed but however it was not tested completely. It works fine but the player terminates the execution of the DE just as the final role of the drama is played. This means that if there are 5 roles in a drama, only 4 would be played properly while the last one will be excluded. The solution to this is being found but a smart thing Drama Pubishers can do is assign "Idle" Roles as the last ones in their Drama.

Screenshot of BETA

The Screenshot above is showing Drama Player Beta 1.0

The program has some defects which will be fixed in Beta 2.0 and then after that the Final Version will be out. What the final version will have in new is not known yet but certainly will have a lot more that will enable the end user to control a few aspects of the Drama he wishes to see.

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