Monday, March 19, 07

After nearly two weeks of Drama Player Beta 1.0's release, AzTech has decided to give information on the next Beta Release. Beta 2.0, as it is called, has a more stable "status teller" and "progress display". The big breakthrough in the new version is the all new "Pause" feature which enables the user to pause dramas! It may look simple but indeed is a big breakthrough.

Pause Feature

The program is in a quite early stage and could be expected to arrive anywhere around next month, perhaps during or before spring. The difference between BETA 1.0 and BETA 2.0 is as follows:

BETA 1.0
BETA 2.0
Wizard style dramas are played with the help of a Timer control i.e. Role processing is Timer initiated. Timer initiated processes are hard, and sometimes impossible, to monitor and thus control
Wizard style dramas are played in a sequence. The MS agent server passes a signal indicating that the Role given has been done. Following this, the DE passes the next Role to the server.
Status and Progress Monitors are not accurate and are mere approximation. This was because Timer initiated processes are always hard to monitor.
Status and Progress Monitors are accurate.
Dramas cannot be played with much user interaction.
Because Monitoring Roles is possible, features such as "Pause" are achievable.
DE is the same as that of Drama Creator's. Hence, minor flaws do not occur at all.
DE is slightly modified and is not equal to that of Drama Creator's. Hence, there might be very little difference in the speed of Role Processing.
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