Thursday, May, 10

Drama Player RC 1.0 will be available for download in a few days. RC 1.0 will have the all new Settings feature which is a collection of TTS Switching and Language selection features. RC 1.0 represents 90% of the final release, which will have the DC 2.0 ready property.

DramaPlayer BETA 2

The above screenshot shows the Settings dialog that lets the user configure Drama Player's many aspects. TTS and Language switchers are clearly visible. In this screenshot, 8 of the 11 supported languages are shown. You can also see a Profile system. A profile based system lets you switch between various settings just by the click of a button. Also, there is access to Property Pages of MS Agent Server that is the ultimate settings page of MS Agents. With all that set, and after undergoing final testings, Drama Player RC 1.0 should be ready for download in a few days.


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