This ReadMe file contains last minute information and tips on AzTech Drama Player RC 1.0





Drama player is a program that "plays" *.drm files that are made using AzTech Drama Creator.A drama file is a written set of commands that could be used to "program" Microsoft Agents.The commands are made with Drama Creator and published as *.drm files.Microsoft Agent is a technology developed by Microsoft corporation to enable developers to add amusing interfaces in their applications.However, this technology is only programmable which means that you need to know a programming language such as VB, C++ or Java to program them.However, AzTech Drama Creator lets you program them without the use of any of these languages, and create funny "dramas" which can then be played with Drama Player.



II-Features of Microsoft Agents


They can be animated, they can be made to say whatever you wish, they can be made to understand what you say to them and many more things can be done with them.Microsoft Agents carry a vast database of animations.Animating them is easy.††With the integration of a Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine they can Speak.Not only can they speak but if programmed, their Speed, Pitch, Volume, Emphasize etc. can be adjusted according to the situation.The TTS engine can also be changed.The TTS engines control a few aspects such as accent and language.TTS engines are available for many languages including Russian, Spanish and of course English.Next, with the integration of a Speech-Recognition (SR) engine they can perceive and understand what the user talks via microphone.SR is currently a conceptual technology and is itself in development.Hence, the integration is not quite successful but however, remains as an option if the user wants to use it.



III-AzTech Drama Player


AzTech drama player can play for you the dramas made with AzTech Drama Creator.A drama is not a movie.It can be described as a process in your system that happens in real time.The characters are rendered in real time on the screen.Itís just like a game.Basically, a drama file is a written set of instructions that contain information on what has to be done with the characters.Drama player analyzes the information and converts it into MS agent server understandable code.In other words, Drama Player (with the Drama Engine) programs Microsoft Agents automatically by looking at the commands.


IV-Features of Drama Player


Drama Player enhances the capabilities of the Drama Engine.It provides many features that are almost impossible to achieve with a technology like Microsoft Agents. The progress teller, status teller and now the Pause feature are all present.The final release will have TTS switching features.





1. What is the difference between Beta 2.0 and RC

Ans)RC 1 is well polished and represents 90% of the final release.It includes the Settings feature which is a collection of various properties that can be configured.As far as the UI is concerned nothing has changed.


2. Why does the player seem to reload every time I press the Stop or Pause button?

Ans) The player reloads itself every time the drama has to be interrupted.


3. The drama suddenly doesn't seem to progress. It remains stuck. What should I do?

Ans) Stop and replay the drama.


4. There seems to be a difference between the drama I made in Drama creator and the drama I now play in Drama Player. Why?

Ans) The DE of drama player is quite different from that of drama creator.Even though the difference is not visible but it is possible that some dramas might not work as expected.


5. Are loop bugs fixed?

Ans) Loop bugs are completely fixed.


6. I changed the language of my character.But now he is mute, why?

Ans) You donít have the required TTS engine installed.Go to for downloading the required TTS engine(s).


7. What is ďMS Agent Property PageĒ?

Ans) MS Agent Property Page is the control panel of Microsoft Agent Server.It directly applies to the AgtSvr.Any changes made to it are reflected throughout the system i.e. if you access ms agents via any other program, the current settings will be evident on them.


8. By changing the Profile, can I revert the changes I made to Agent Server?

Ans) AgtSvr settings are not saved in the profile.You must revert them manually.

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